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    Sunday, May 11th, 2014
    3:19 am
    Irem of the Pillars
    I know I never post here any more but I wrote this this afternoon and it needs to go somewhere, so.


    Deep in the desert where the rivers run with sand, where the bones of the earth show white in the moonlight, there stood once a city as fair as the dawn - listen, traveller, I tell you this. Broken is the road that leads to Irem of the Pillars, yet it still may be found when the dunes shift to uncover its ancient flags of chiselled stone and the black bare pillars where the beacons once burned. A thousand years have come and gone beneath the moon since ever those fires were kindled, and yet the pillars stand, and the foolish might think the road yet led to a city of living men.

    But fallen, fallen is Irem of the Pillars, its streets are empty, its houses bare. Fallen in the dust of ages lies Irem of the Pillars; its lanterns are dark and its good steel is rust, the glass of its thousand windows shattered and its silken banners rags that flutter like ghosts in the desert wind. Death came by night to Irem of the Pillars, and where it passed, the fires were quenched and the songs were silenced. Now only ghosts walk the ancient streets, their paths lit by the glow of the ember flowers that grow through the broken pavements; the oasis fields are gone, strangled by thorn vines that twist like snakes in the moonlight, and where desert roses bloomed stand now black trees that shadow Irem like a curse. Only the graveyards of Irem are full; and their headstones bleach white, while the ghouls lope between them and whistle to each other and laugh at the stars. And at the heart of the city, on the rock of the temple and the palace, a darkness broods and watches with a thousand eyes that never close. Death came by night to Irem of the Pillars, and they say that it has never left.

    So go, traveller, upon your way; but should you stumble across the great carven road with its black pillars where the beacons burned, turn you aside, and take another path. Go not to Irem of the Pillars, for there is nothing there for the living but death, and nothing there for the dead but a curse. Fallen is Irem of the Pillars, and better its name were forgotten. But the broken road will not disappear, not though a thousand years have passed. And ever and anon men pass that way, and they do not return, for at the shadowed heart of Irem, the darkness hungers still.

    Go not to Irem of the Pillars, traveller. The darkness hungers still.



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    Sunday, November 10th, 2013
    12:22 am
    Believe in magic
    So I was just walking back down the road by the abbey in the dark, thinking through some fairly personal and pivotal things that might potentially change a lot of stuff and wondering whether I'm making the right decisions...

    And I saw a shooting star. The biggest I have ever seen. East to west as I was looking westward, straight down the top of the sky over my head as though aimed precisely to get my attention. So bright you could see the halo of light around the white-hot core of vaporising rock and metal, and leaving a literal physical trail, a razor-flash line of silver light and glowing dust that must, considering the scales involved, have been a hundred feet long. I saw it for a full second or more, which is an extravagantly long time for something that's burning up at terminal velocity. I have never seen a shooting star like that. I didn't even know they happened outside of the movies.

    I think I'm going to take that as encouragement, frankly. <3


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    Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
    9:48 pm
    I know Top Gear is nobody here's fandom except possibly [info]patchworkcorvid and [info]deepbluesquee a little bit (and [info]ironlord, who may want to STOP reading at this point) but honestly, this requires absolutely minimal context:

    If I told you I'd just run across a description of a scenario that involved Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in the back of an RV with a ball gag, a gimp mask, a set of handcuffs and a traffic warden's outfit, you'd assume I'd been reading AO3 or ff.net or somewhere even more suspicious, right?

    No, I was watching James May getting carried away in the outtakes.


    The Navigator

    Current Mood: giggling
    Friday, July 13th, 2012
    4:46 pm
    When life hands you a brush... clean up.
    So I was walking home earlier having just bought a new broom, and ran into a mate from the goth/pagan community:

    Him: "Going sweeping?" *nods to broom*
    Me: *cheerfully* "No, flying!"
    Him: *-pfft!*

    Just wanted to share that. It's the little things...

    The Navigator

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    Friday, June 15th, 2012
    2:46 am
    Driveby - flyby? - music rec.
    Damn, long time no post, but I feel I have to bring the amazingly epic Stuka Squadron to everyone's attention, possibly particularly to Team [info]sternenstaub's. Bunch of Stuka-flying vampires who were working for the Third Reich because - well, as far as I can tell because nobody else would hire vampires at the time. [They don't have any stake in the politics, they're just one of those classic-metal bands who like to write war songs - they notably avoid any ideological commentary in their lyrics, it's all just about flying and fighting and vampires and stuff. <3]

    (Seriously, they have A SONG ABOUT AN UNDEAD TANK. How can this band not be awesome? Oh, and one about summoning the ghost of HP Lovecraft, if you're more into that sort of thing...)


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    Sunday, April 15th, 2012
    2:30 am
    [Meme] Seven questions from [info]apprentice_lurk.
    Yes, it's meme time again. Here we go...

    Read more... )

    There we are. You know the drill, guys. ^_^

    The Navigator

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    Thursday, March 15th, 2012
    9:49 pm
    Fic! TROLLS.
    ...okay, this is technically a spinoff from something else I'm working on, but it's a complete standalone. All you need to know is that we are in a slightly AU Scandinavia here, and that these are forest trolls, which rather than your standard big, craggy sort of troll look more like classic-era Mortiis, except a bit smaller and rather less flashily dressed. Small and quick and clever and pointy, rather than large and stupid...


    The troll tale of the First Music, and a follow-up... )


    The Navigator

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    Wednesday, December 21st, 2011
    2:38 am
    I don't know what this is. The first line just fell into my head from nowhere, so I started writing and this is what I got.


    The House Of Black Lanterns )


    The Navigator

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    Thursday, November 24th, 2011
    4:15 pm
    There is nothing quite like...
    ...that moment when you thought you'd lost your innocence for good and then someone you've never even met turns out to have found it and hands it back to you. <3

    The Navigator

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    Thursday, October 27th, 2011
    2:31 pm
    It's happening again.
    Nnnnngh. Having another one of those days where every thought, every word, every image is hitting me like a bullet between the eyes. I can't stop tearing up. I actually sat looking at my CD racks having a fit of the shakes earlier because I couldn't pick a single thing off there to listen to that wasn't reliably going to make my heart try and eat itself. Someone has turned the emotional overdrive up again.

    (Not helping either that the papers this morning are full of Italian politicians brawling in parliament and the German Chancellor muttering vague imprecations about World War Three. It's one of those days when it feels like a triumph of will just to be sane.)

    ...that's okay, though. I would so much rather feel like this than, y'know, not. *s* Though my body break and my soul be forfeit...

    The Navigator

    PS Man, I'd forgotten how much I love this song. This whole album, really. "In the breathless heat of night I'm falling spellbound / When the power of love comes crashing down-!"

    Oh, and then there's this, which just makes my heart soar. "Can't turn the tide now the battle has begun / the Devil take the man when his soul is on the run!" Anyone need a battle anthem today? Here you go...

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    Current Music: Ten, Spellbound
    Sunday, September 18th, 2011
    2:41 pm
    Crossposted from LJ - signal boost, can anyone help?
    Signal-boosted from Necrognosis over on Livejournal's metal_community: can anyone spare a few bucks to help Jonas R Christiansen, variously known from Norwegian black metal bands Koldbrann, Disiplin and Slavia? Jonas is 31 - yeah, my age, guys - and he's been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only 1-2 years to live "barring a miracle". He's receiving standard treatment in Norway, but his friends in the scene have set up a fund to try and raise enough money to send him to a specialist clinic in Denmark for additional treatment that may help to prolong his life or even save it.

    Now, usually when someone in the metal scene at large needs help people rally round by the hundred, because metalheads are like that, but I don't know if it's ever been tried in the black metal scene before. But it seems to be working as the fund is over a third of the way to its target already! (See their Facebook page for an up-to-date running total.) So if anyone can afford to donate and help give Jonas a chance, that would be awesome - and if you can't afford to donate, please signal-boost if you can. Thank you.

    Donation details:

    Bank: Nordea Bank Norge ASA
    IBAN: NO0465801642424

    Paypal donation address: tiljonas@live.no

    Thanks again for anything anyone can do to help!


    Current Mood: hopeful
    Current Music: Koldbrann, Fortapelse I Svovel Og Helvetesild
    Monday, September 5th, 2011
    11:02 pm
    Revenge of the icon meme
    1. Reply to this post with your favorite color, and I will pick five of your icons.
    2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
    3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
    4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

    Two rounds under here! )

    Whee, that was fun... anyone want to play? ^_^

    The Navigator

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    Current Music: "La Seine" from Un monstre à Paris
    Thursday, August 18th, 2011
    12:42 am
    Spider demon of the internets!
    We've been having some epic problems with the internet connection at chez woff-and-fish lately. A series of hardware tests, replacement components, and annoyed phone calls to Orange Broadband seemed, this morning, to have finally fixed the problem, as our linespeed went up from the 30K it'd been jammed at, to the 200+K that we're actually paying for. :p

    Unfortunately, as everyone knows, the first step of exorcising a demon is to make it manifest in physical form, and only then can you perform the actual banishment. In this case, Orange's engineers only seem to have accomplished step one, because when the internet suddenly dropped off again a few minutes ago, Koi went downstairs to reboot the router, which lives at the foot of the stairs to the hall.

    Cue a sudden and awful cry of fishie horror. "GIANT SPIDER!"

    No shit. The demon of the internets had indeed been made manifest, in the form of one of the BIGGEST brown house spiders I have ever seen. I grabbed a cup, snagged 'Boots's notepad to use as the all-important piece of cardboard, and went to do the necessary. Luckily, I got the infernal thing on the first pass, it not being quite quick enough to spot me where I was perched on the bottom step, and successfully chucked it out of Koi's window.

    The really weird thing is that as soon as we came back upstairs, the linespeed started going back up again... O_O


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    Current Music: Avantasia, Dying For An Angel
    Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
    2:11 am
    Six Things!
    It's been a while... and a bad few weeks... but right now it's two in the morning, I'm being totally irresponsible by being up this late, and for the first time in a while I'm crazy happy. ^_^ So! Six things post!

    1. Rain. Rain makes me happy, especially when it comes down hard enough to drive all the tourists off the promenade and leave it empty for me to walk on my own. As long as I'm not too cold, I love getting soaked to the skin, feeling the water run down my face and my shoulders and drip from my hair, my clothes plaster against me... I don't know why. I just really like the way it feels. (I also like feeling superior to all the cowards hiding under the awnings like they think it's pissing sulphuric acid from the skies or something. They're hilarious, the lot of them.)

    2. The existence of Eyes of Noctum, who are not only great, but whose frontman Arcane is better known as Weston Coppola Cage, son of Nicolas Cage: front and slightly right of centre, here. My gods, he's beautiful... can that family get ANY more talented/awesome/win, seriously?

    3. Speaking of Nicolas Cage, item #3 is that the new Ghost Rider movie is in post-production! It's on! Yay!

    4. And speaking of black metal, item #4 is Dimmu Borgir's cover of Twisted Sister's Burn In Hell, which is one of my favourite covers ever. That song has needed a black metal band to tackle it ever since it was first written and Dimmu did an absolutely thunderous job of it. Makes me ridiculously happy, seriously. \m/

    5. The upcoming WWE Money in the Bank pay per view. If you'd told me a year ago I could be chewing-my-nails excited about John Cena vs CM Punk, I'd have asked what you were smoking, but seriously, this current angle has the potential to be legendary. Also I would like to add an Item 5a for the Miz, just in general because I love him, but particularly for the other week when he and Christian and R-Truth cut one of the funniest promos I've seen since DX retired, and possibly THE funniest since Jay Lethal and Ric Flair had a woo-off. ("Really?" "Really!" "Riley!" "Randy!" "JIMMY!") So much love. XD

    6. And finally, and the thing that has made me absolutely giddy with joy tonight, a fellow Aramii player called Bacon, who is clearing her camp and has so far dropped EIGHTY FOUR free critters on me just because I promised I'd give them good homes. It is amazing how good it makes you feel, just now and again, to be the recipient of an absolutely outrageously act of excessive generosity. I spend so much of my life feeling like Fate is trying to make sure I get nothing without paying for it twice, that to be given unto until I haven't got enough hands to hold everything is an absolutely wonderful feeling. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. (I am also overwhelmed with fuzzy pixel critters, but that's by the bye. ^_^)

    So yeah. All of that, basically. Thank you, gods, world, and kind people who do nice things to me. <3

    The Navigator

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    Current Music: Dimmu Borgir, Burn In Hell
    Thursday, June 16th, 2011
    9:07 pm
    Critter update!
    For those who are following, current state of my critters!



    ...as you can see, I have some new ones. <3 All clicks gratefully received - thank you! ^_^

    The Navigator

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    Thursday, June 9th, 2011
    4:20 pm
    You can't see twits on the radio
    ...okay, what IS it with the previous few generations of boybands? Last time I looked it was Take That on an intergalactic peace mission, and now it's the Backstreet Boys in a vampire bar. If this sort of thing keeps happening I give it... oh, about ten to fifteen years before Justin Bieber's leading a bondage cabaret troupe.

    I only hope it doesn't work the other way, though, or Adam Lambert's going to turn into Cliff Richard.

    The Navigator (with apologies to the Scissor Sisters for that post title >.>)

    Edit: Changed the link under Adam Lambert cos I just found another video of his I hadn't seen before and I love it. <3

    Additional edit: I forgot to even mention Jason Donovan playing Frank'n'Furter. The pattern goes back even further than I realised... O_O

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    Current Music: Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment
    Friday, June 3rd, 2011
    9:31 pm
    AAAAA my critters have hatched!
    Guys, guys, look! My Arvyre critters have HATCHED! *flails*

    Harvest Wyrm:

    Ravine Sprite:

    Oh my gods they are so tiny and I love them both. *huggles* Thank you to everyone who clicked them, and to anyone who clicks them some more cos they still have a bunch of growing up to do. <3

    My Magistream critters, meanwhile, have not hatched, but here they are again anyway for fairness's sake:

    AND one of my Wajas is due to give birth, like, ten minutes from now. I am very glad I got home in time to sit with her while she does (read: sit here clicking Refresh until something happens, but it's kind of solidarity >.>).

    ...yeah, okay, two posts about this subject in a row, I should make a filter. If you want to see further posts about my various pets, please say so below - if you have a burning desire to NOT see any more of these, please also mention it! Cheers.

    The Navigator

    PS UPDATE: ...three cubs! O_O Wow. I am so proud right now. <3 *hugs Black Night, Dusk, and babywolfies*

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    Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
    8:21 pm
    Fuzzy pixels for all!
    Ever since I was a little Navigator, I've loved collecting critters. Plastic ones, plushie ones, invisible ones (♥ Blackie and Milkie, the two invisible dogs who caused something of a problem when I was at school) and now, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I've got virtual ones as well! Only these ones are better, cos they can be trained and bred and all sorts of cool stuff! It's all making me ridiculously happy, being fuzzy, harmless and a world away from any of the stuff I'm usually into. It's a nice break for the brain - a kind of mental sanctuary, if you will.

    Where am I, then? I'm on Aramii, where you get pretty winged wolfies, awesome cat-creatures who I can't stop thinking of as jagulars even though I know they officially aren't, dragons, and many more. I'm also on Wajas, which isn't as nice to play and is much more complicated, but does at least allow you to have wolves covered in roses (Thoran) and rainbow-painted freaks (Crimson Heart).

    But worst of all... I've succumbed to the dreaded Clickables craze. So...



    I will be very grateful to anyone who can spare the time to click these, either one-off or on a daily basis if you have nothing better to do with your time *g*. They're also permanently living on my LJ and IJ profiles, so you get to see them as and when they hatch!

    So, yes. Right, BRB, off to go and design more custom critters that I can't afford... *g*

    The Navigator

    PS Oh, and if anyone fancies trying Aramii, my referrer URL is http://aramii.com/newaccount?ref=6103. >.> *plug* Come in by that door and I get shinies. *g*

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    Current Music: E Nomine
    Wednesday, May 18th, 2011
    5:39 am
    I haven't posted something like this in way too long.
    Some nights, you just know that if you don't take them while you've got them, you won't get them again.

    Late-night adventures. )

    So, yes. May this be the first night of the rest of my life. *s*

    The Navigator

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    Current Music: Finsterforst, Rauschende Nächte
    Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
    2:03 am
    Stories you find lying around.
    So, Koi and I were out on the beach... [transcription slightly modified from original dialogue]

    Koi: *looking at the sand* I can see lots of sets of pawprints heading towards the water, and none coming back. *puzzled*

    Me: Those are waterdog prints, o best beloved.

    Koi: Waterdogs?

    Me: Of course, waterdogs. You haven't heard of waterdogs? They live out at sea and come ashore to rear their young, and in the spring on fine days, the little waterdogs leave their burrows and run down to the sea. They swim away and don't come back for another three years, until they're old enough to breed themselves. Hence, lots of pawprints going to the water, and none coming back.

    Koi: Mhm? *interested*

    Me: *nodding* If you come down here on a stormy night in October or thereabouts, sometimes you'll see the grownup ones coming ashore in the dark for the start of the breeding season. They ride in on the storms and climb up the cliffs to dig themselves burrows, and then they stay on land until the baby waterdogs are ready to swim away the next spring.

    Koi: ...ohhhhh. *pause* You have to write this up for Livejournal, you know.

    Me: ^_^

    ...so there you go. Waterdogs. Honest. *s*

    The Navigator

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